As a direct importer of spices and culinary herbs we offer an extensive assortment of single spices but also own spice mixtures or mixtures developed according to your wishes. All our spices are analyzed according to the foodstuff maximum quantity regulation and delivered with a certificate of analysis.


Depending on the intended use, we offer different cut sizes. We are very happy to consider individual customer requests. Our experienced technicians are also available at any time to define the appropriate cut size with you.

Show cut sizes

Cut from 5 mm - 10 mm
Recommended use:

  • Extraction (pharmaceutical)
  • Animal feed
  • Coarse teas (pyramid bags)

Cut from 0 mm - 10 mm
Recommended use:

  • Extraction (pharmaceutical)
  • Animal feed
  • Coarse teas (pyramid bags)

Cut from 4 mm - 30 mm
Recommended use:

  • Extraction (pharmaceutical)
  • Animal feed
  • Spirits

Cut from 0.5 mm - 3 mm
Recommended use:

  • Tea bags-classic
  • kitchen herbs and spices
  • pet food

Grain size 99 % through 500 μ
Recommended use:

  • Food supplement and superfoods.
  • Kitchen herbs and spices

Grain size 99 % through 200 μ
Recommended use:

  • Food supplement and superfoods
1313 Products found
German English Latin  
Amaranthblueten Globe Amaranth, Flowers Globe amaranth flores Product request
Ambay, Blatt Ambay Tree, Leaf Cecropiae adenopi folium Product request
Amblabaum, Frucht Indian Gooseberry, Fruit Phyllanthi emblicae fructus Product request
Ameiseneier Ant Egg, Egg Formicae (Ovum) larva Product request
Amerikanische Arnika, Wurzel Arnica, Root (Arnica Chamissonis) Arnicae chamissonis radix Product request
Amerikanische Pappel, Rinde American Aspen, Bark Populi tremuloidis cortex Product request
Amerikanische Säckelblume, Blatt New Jersey Tea, Leaf Ceanothi americani folium Product request
Amerikanische Säckelblume, Wurzel New Jersey Tea, Root Ceanothi americani radix Product request
Amerikanische Scheinbeere, Blatt Wintergreen, Leaf Gaultheriae procumbentis folium Product request
Amerikanische Traubenkirsche, Frucht Wild Cherry, Berry Pruni virginianae fructus Product request
Amerikanische Traubenkirsche, Rinde Stammrinde Wild Cherry, Bark Thick Pruni virginanae cortex Stammrinde Product request
Amerikanische Traubenkirsche, Rinde Zweigrinde Wild Cherry, Bark Thin Pruni virginanae cortex Zweigrinde Product request
Amerikanische Ulme, Rinde Slippery Elm, Bark Ulmi pubescentis cortex Product request
Amerikanischer Faulbaum, Rinde Cascara Sagrada, Bark Cascarae sagradae cortex Product request
Amerikanischer Hanf, Wurzel Canadian Hemp, Root Apocyni cannabini radix Product request
Amerikanischer Lebensbaumkraut Arbor Vitae, Herb Thujae occidentalis herba Product request
Amerikanischer Maiapfel, Harz Mandrake, Resin Podophylli peltati resina Product request
Amerikanischer Maiapfel, Wurzel Mandrake, Root Podophylli peltati rhizoma Product request
Amerikanischer Schneeball, Rinde Black Haw, Bark Viburni prunifolii arboris cortex Product request
Amerikanischer Schneeball, Wurzelrinde Black Haw, Rootbark Viburni prunifolii radicis cortex Product request
Amerikanisches Dreiblatt, Wurzel Birthroot Trillii erecti rhizoma Product request
Amerikanisches Wurmkraut Pinkroot Demerara, Herb Spigeliae anthelmiae herba Product request
Ammoniak Gummi, Harz Ammoniacum, Gum Ammoniacum gummi Product request
Ammonium Glycyrrhinate 40% Ga   Ammonium Glycyrrhinate 40% GA Product request
Amorphophallus, Wurzel Konjac Amorphophallii konjak radix Product request
Ampfer, Wurzel Yellow Dock, Root Lapathi acuti radix Product request
Ananas Stiele Pinaplestemps Ananas comosi fructus Product request
Ananas, Getrocknete Frucht Pineapple, Fruit Ananas comosi fructus Product request
Angelika, Blatt Angelica, Leaf Angeliacae folium Product request
Angelika, Saat Angelica, Fruit Angelica fructus Product request