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As a family-run company in the fourth generation, Mueggenburg has been offering processed vegetable raw materials for more than 80 years. Our extensive product range with more than 1000 different products from over 60 countries is complemented by our numerous services. These include our contract processing, pest control and sterilization facilities. Take advantage of our knowledge and our global network of suppliers and producers to gain access to one of the most extensive ranges of vegetable raw materials.

Short decision-making processes and direct contact partners in a spirit of partnership give us the flexibility to pick up on developments in the market and set new trends. Our development department is at your side to support you in this process.

Müggenburg Vegetable Raw Materials

Globally networked trading company for customers from the food, spirits, phytopharma, and animal feed industries. MPR has two warehouse locations in Northern Germany including export/import department, quality control and sales departments.

Mueggenburg Farms

Mueggenburg Farms is located in the "high desert" of Oregon, USA and specializes in the import and export of U.S. plant commodities, domestic trade, processing and contract farming.

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Baltifarm is located in Lublin, Poland, in the heart of Polish medicinal plant cultivation and specializes in the collection, processing and trade of local medicinal and culinary plants. Sourcing is done through wild harvesting and local small businesses.

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Müggenburg Pharma

Contract filling company based in Schleswig-Holstein of liquids and/or packaging of cut and ground products such as dietary supplements, teas, herbs and spices in small containers for retail or e-commerce.

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Appalachian Herbal Company

Supplier of herbal raw materials from the Appalachian mountain region. This region is home to one of the most spectacular ecosystems in North America and offers a large quantity of medicinal herbs, roots, leaves, barks and flowers.

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ZeTePro GmbH, based in northern Germany, gently processes natural raw materials. This includes the professional cutting, grinding, degermination, granulation or mixing of vegetable raw materials. ZeTePro works closely with customers to meet all their requirements.

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Horst Müggenburg Foundation

The aim is to promote scientific work and research on the detection, diagnosis and therapy of carcinomas as well as on the cultivation and breeding of medicinal plants and their use for health and medical purposes.


Lebensmittelinstitut KIN e.V.

Promotion of science and research in the field of food technology


Die Familien Unternehmer

As a family business in the fourth generation, we are a member of the interest group "DIE FAMILIEN UNTERNEHMER".


AHPA - American Herbal Products Association

We have been members of the American Herbal Products Association since it was co-founded by Horst Müggenburg in 1982.


VDC - Vereinigung der am Drogen- und Chemikalien- Groß- und Außenhandel beteiligten Firmen (Drogen- und Chemikalienverein) e.V.

Association of companies involved in trade, mainly import and export of herbal drugs, chemical substances, food supplements and essential oils.


Vereinigung der Destillateurmeister e.V.

Supporting member of the Association of Master Distillers e.V.