As a direct importer of spices and culinary herbs we offer an extensive assortment of single spices but also own spice mixtures or mixtures developed according to your wishes. All our spices are analyzed according to the foodstuff maximum quantity regulation and delivered with a certificate of analysis.


Depending on the intended use, we offer different cut sizes. We are very happy to consider individual customer requests. Our experienced technicians are also available at any time to define the appropriate cut size with you.

Show cut sizes

Cut from 5 mm - 10 mm
Recommended use:

  • Extraction (pharmaceutical)
  • Animal feed
  • Coarse teas (pyramid bags)

Cut from 0 mm - 10 mm
Recommended use:

  • Extraction (pharmaceutical)
  • Animal feed
  • Coarse teas (pyramid bags)

Cut from 4 mm - 30 mm
Recommended use:

  • Extraction (pharmaceutical)
  • Animal feed
  • Spirits

Cut from 0.5 mm - 3 mm
Recommended use:

  • Tea bags-classic
  • kitchen herbs and spices
  • pet food

Grain size 99 % through 500 μ
Recommended use:

  • Food supplement and superfoods.
  • Kitchen herbs and spices

Grain size 99 % through 200 μ
Recommended use:

  • Food supplement and superfoods
129 Products found
German English Latin  
Acerola Frucht Acerola Acerola fructus Product request
Aloe Gel Aloe Gel Aloe Gel Product request
Aloe, Curacao Aloes, Curacao Aloe curacao Product request
Aloe, Mosselbay Aloes, Mosselbay Aloe capensis, Mosselbay Product request
Aloe, Ostafrika Aloes, Div. Aloe sonstiges Product request
Aloe, Port Elisabeth Aloes, Cape Aloe capensis, Port Elizabeth Product request
Ananas, Getrocknete Frucht Pineapple, Fruit Ananas comosi fructus Product request
Angelika, Wurzel Angelica, Root Angelicae radix courant Product request
Angelika, Wurzel Chin Dong Quai Root Angelicae sinensis root Product request
Angelika, Wurzel Indische Hairy Angelica, Root Angelica polymorphae radix Product request
Anis, Saat Anis Seed Anisi vulgaris fructus Product request
Anisaus Ökologischem Anbau Anis Seeds, Organic Anisi vulgaris fructus öko Product request
Apfel, Geschält Apple, Peeled Mali fructus mundatus Product request
Apfel, Geschwefelt Apple, Sulphurated Mali fructus sulf. Product request
Apfel, Sauer, Frucht Apple, Sour Mali fructus acidum Product request
Apfel, Süss, Frucht Apple, Fruit Mali fructus dulcis Product request
Apfeltrester Gesäuert Apple Pomace With Citric Acid Mali recrementum acid Product request
Apfeltrester Ungesäuert Apple Pomace Mali recremetentum Product request
Avocado Fruchtfleisch mit Schale Ohne Kerne, 01. 01 - 31. 05. Avocado Pulp With Peel Without Seed Perseae americanae pulpa cumexocarpio sine semine Product request
Birne Pear, Fruit Pyri fructus Product request
Bitterorange, Unreife Frucht Bitter Orangeimmature Fruit Aurantii amarae immaturi fructus Product request
Bitterorangen, Expulpiertschale, 1/4 Orange Bitter Without Pulpe 1/4, Peel Aurantii amari pericarpium expulpiert, 1/4 Product request
Bitterorangen, Schale Orange Peels, Bitter Aurantii amari pericarpium Product request
Blutwurz, Wurzel Tormentilla, Root Tormentillae rhizoma Product request
Bockshorn, Samen Fenugreek, Seed, 99% Purity Foenugraeci semen Product request
Bockshornkleesamen, Dunkel, Max. 1% Besatz Foenugreek Seed, Dark, Pure Foenugraeci semen, dunkel Product request
Bockshornkleesamen, Hell, Max. 1% Besatz Foenugreek Seed, Bright, Pure Foenugraeci semen, hell Product request
Brombeere, Frucht Blackberry, Fruit Rubi fruticosi fructus Product request
Buntfarbige Schwertlilie, Wurzel Blue Flag Lily, Root Iridis versicoloris rhizoma Product request
Caneel, Quillings Cinnamom, Quillings Cinnamomi ceylania quillings Product request