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Tradition & Expertise

Müggenburg pflanzliche Rohstoffe offers you a wide range of botanical raw materials from all over the world. More than 80 years of market experience stand for sustainability, quality and a fast supply.


Phytopharmaceutical industry

We offer you long-term experience with highly controlled botanical raw materials, which are applied in the sensitive application field of the phytopharmaceutical industry.  

(Functional) food industry

Our assortment offers a wide product range of conventionally and controlled organically produced raw materials, which are used for the production of food and functional food.  


Cosmetics industry

Our botanical raw materials are used by the cosmetics industry for the extraction of necessary basic substances and fabrication of different products.  

Pet food and feed industry

We supply botanical raw materials from conventional and controlled organic farming for the pet food and feed industry. 

Tea / spices

Our company holds special experise in the area of botanical raw materials, which are processed further into tea and spices.  


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